Protein Challenge

THE PROTEIN CHALLENGE: Securing and Diversifying Protein Sources

Changes in consumer habits are offering tremendous opportunity for innovators in food science to meet dietary demands with alternative protein sources, writes SPRIM FOOD.

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Practical Nutrition

SPRIM organises Leading International Conference on Practical Nutrition

On 12 and 13 February, more than 600 nutritionists and healthcare professionals will come together for the XXIV International Conference on Practical Nutrition, organised in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Dietetics & Food Science (SEDCA).

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A NEW GOLDEN AGE FOR NUTRITION: Opportunities for the food sector to add value, communicate and innovate.

Today we are living in a New Era of Nutrition, with interest in healthy products growing exponentially year on year. No longer just a basic necessity, food has become a veritable social phenomenon

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BALANCING TRENDS IN FOOD PRODUCTS. Development with nutritional value

Food products development is innovating to cater to the needs of consumers, and though many of these trends have a clear focus on sustainability and health, some lack a focus on guaranteeing nutritional value...

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As consumers’ purchasing habits continue to steer away from the traditional face-to-face purchasing experience, nutritional labelling systems act as a means of communication to...

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HOW BIG DATA PLAYS A ROLE IN FOOD SAFETY. Detecting alerts, monitoring environments and anticipating needs

Insights from big data are revolutionizing food safety in our globalizing and interconnected world. Heavy amounts of data have been extracted to provide insights that have transformed the...

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