Communication Campaings for Food Brands

We select the right tools so that each brand can have full visibility and interact with its different key stakeholders, whether they are clients, health care professionals, opinion leaders, influencers, media or services providers, integrating the offline world with the online and generating a positive user experience.

Food Content & Copywriting

We are experts in developing quality content for food brands and retail, moving the scientific information correctly and closely, as it is key to our successful marketing campaigns in the area of nutrition and health. Our scientific team takes the valuable information for the brand and transforms it into an impact message for health professionals and consumers through different formats, from diptychs or brochures to scientific monographs or papers.

Design & Digital Studio

Our creative team and designers, specialised both online and offline, adapt each content to the greatest penetration format among the target audience. From web design, 3D videos, infographics or animated gifs to brochures or materials for the point of sales.

Influencer Marketing & Opinion Leaders Management

We have a community with more than 15,000 health professionals in Spain and 200,000 around the world, as well as a network of experts active in social media in the nutrition, gastronomy, health and wellbeing area.

Digital Marketing

We identify the action fronts that best fit with each client such as content marketing, e-mail marketing, social media, etc. using the necessary platforms and tools aligned with the brand’s global marketing strategy to multiply its business opportunities.

PR 360

Our team of specialists in corporate and product communication projects differentiate and generate recommendations in print and digital media, through qualitative managements as a reference, experiential actions, informative meetings, editorial tours, sampling, etc.

Crisis Prevention and Management

We prevent and manage mass media crises with a clear focus on the protection of the brand’s reputation and the neutralisation of attacks, with a continuous media and social media monitorization to offer quick and agile responses.

Events and Field marketing

We devise and mange B2B and B2C global events and with mass media, with a clear specialisation in scientific congresses. We also have qualified staff to promote brands and products at the point of sale, all of it from a win to win outlook.