We share your passion for Nutrition, Food Tech, Sustainability and Health

This passion for health and nutrition defines and shapes all of our marketing and communication projects.

We apply the key principles of Food Science throughout the product lifecycle, supporting the industry from innovation ideation to market positioning. Food safety is paramount from start to finish, as is ensuring sustainable and efficient processes that satisfy global market demand.

Health and nutrition

Our experienced team of nutritionists, food science doctors and food technologists represent everything that SPRIM’s Food Science stands for. They all work hand in hand with our extensive network of universities, research centres, opinion leaders and influencers in nutrition, food, wellbeing and health.

We organise prestigious annual conferences in Europe for industry experts. For more than 20 years thousands of national and international professionals have been coming together at events such as nutricionpractica.org in Madrid and Nutrimi.it in Milan.

Food tech

Our team of food technologists and researchers detect and use the latest scientific and technical advances to identify trends and ingredients that best address key concerns in the industry, overcome innovation challenges and ultimately cater for potential consumer demand.

Food safety

Our team of food safety experts, together with detection and monitoring systems, allow us to detect, anticipate and manage food safety-related issues: from system improvements to crisis management and communication.

Regulatory advisory

We help define the regulatory strategy for existing products and innovation, including Nutritional Claims, Novel Foods, Health Claims and Labelling. Our teams help global and local companies simplify their regulatory projects. Through our Way:Q platform we provide real-time assistance to ensure product labelling is correct, from commercial information to information relating to ingredients, nutritional content and allergens.

Sustainability and environment

We understand that, besides being essential to any brand’s business or organisation, sustainability has become an integral part of what a company stands for, transmitting values of integrity and transparency and affecting its credibility and image. We take the greatest of care in everything we do and provide our clients with the insights and tools they need to achieve their short, mid- and long-term objectives.

Gastro Tech

We challenge the traditional concept of gastronomy by combining science and technology. We identify the key points that large and small food companies, both in retail and food service, must consider when drawing up new strategies.